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"Three out of my four children have attended Westport Early Learning Centre since moving to Westport in 2012. The staff and teachers are absolutely brilliant. They are caring, positive and patient and have always made us feel like part of the 'WELC family'. My children lost their dad last year and the WELC team has been an amazing support, not only for my children, but for me. Children's illness can be very unpredictable and stressful and I feel very grateful and confident with the flexibility WELC have for their families. My children love going to daycare, where they are always welcomed with a big smile, loads of activities and an awesome environment.

- Kaycee Eastlake

"Both of my children currently attend Westport Early Learning Centre and are very happy there. I love the way that the individual needs of my two very different children are well catered for. There is a great outdoor space for my busy son (4), who spends most of his time outdoors creating 'dinosaur land' or on the pirate ship or spaceship (playground) travelling to faraway lands. The 'young explorers' programme has been fantastic for introducing him to some structured learning. My daughter (2) started in the infant and toddlers area and formed a close bond with her teachers there. The transition process (into the over 2's area) was seamless and she is very happy in the new environment with her brother. I feel that the staff really take the time to get to know each child, and cater the learning to their interests, with an emphasis on play based learning. Often my kids come home covered in sand/paint/glitter and have great stories to tell! "

- Hannah de Witt

“Our two children both attended WELC from the age of approximately 12 months up until they started at school.  It was important to us that the children were provided with a safe, stimulating and supportive environment and that they were happy attending WELC.  As working parents it can be a stressful time having to leave your children in the care of others, however the staff and processes in place at WELC ensured that we were always well informed and confident in the level of care and learning that was provided.  Our two children both enjoyed their time spent at WELC and they developed great relationships with staff and a number of other children.  They also developed essential social skills to set them on a great path for the future.”

- Jess Hollis

I discovered that my son could write his own name when he brought home a piece of art that he’d labelled himself. When I asked how long he’d been able to do this, Lori (the Young Explorers Kaiako at the time) said that he’d been able to say the letters for a while, but had gained confidence to write them down from the four year old’s programme.

The Young Explorers programme is a learning group for the four year olds at the centre. It focuses on areas of learning that helps children become prepared for school. By the time he entered school, my son could write his own name, identify all the letters of the alphabet, recognise all the number digits from 0-9 and do simple addition and subtraction such as 3+1 or 3-1. As a parent, I did not specifically teach him these skills (but was reinforcing them during our conversations).

The programme is now run by a qualified primary school teacher (Kaiako Chenelle), which is unique to Westport Early Learning Centre adding further assurance that the programme is following the NZ curriculum. Since I could not get my son to kindergarten due to work, I felt reassured that the centre was providing him with a specialised programme and he wasn’t missing out on any preparation for school. It also took away the need for stressful lunch-runs, transporting my son from WELC to kindergarten, when the timing of sessions at the kindergarten did not fit well with my daily schedule.

I’d like to thank Westport Early Learning Centre for developing the Young Explorers.

- Erica Jar

Westport Early Learning Centre will always be my first choice in early childhood education providers in our community and it is because of the wonderful, highly skilled incredibly caring staff that lets WELC shine above the rest.

 Never underestimate the value of the work you do (at WELC) and never underestimate the skills of the staff that are at Westport Early Learning Centre.

To all Staff at WELC, over the past 8 years you have all shared a special part of my life, firstly when Logan started at WELC in June of 2007 then when Aidyn started in August 2010. The time and effort that you all put in to each individual child is amazing and as a parent I thank you so much for recording and having somewhere for me to look at memories that were made that I was not able to make with them. The job you do is amazing and you should all be incredibly proud.

Thank you and bye for now

- Kelly Reid

I would like to say a big thank you from Katy and her family to all the teachers at WELC for all the learning opportunities that she now can take with her to primary school.  Katy's family made the right decision to move her from her previous preschool to WELC as she has learnt so much at WELC which has shown with her new teachers at primary school.  So thanks again for everything and I will be encouraging other families to check WELC out for their young children.  Keep up the awesome work.

- Tonilee Page